iDye Poly Help Needed (Sponge Painting)
  • Hi dye experts, I am going to dye my wedding dress (for my actual wedding) to look like this:

    It is 100% polyester (satin, ivory) in its current form (off the rack at David's Bridal). To dye this dress, I bought iDye Poly in orange, red, and black. I need some advice on the best way to dye this! It would take way too many Tee Juice pens to do this the easy way (therefore, too expensive).

    Every video I watch and every forum I read tells me to boil water, add in iDye Poly & intensifier, then put the fabric into a pot and stir. I can't do this! I need to hand paint the dye onto this dress to get the effect I want (butterfly wings). I plan to use a sponge or sponge on a stick or something (example: I could use a paint brush, but the bristles may not make for an even spread, and I do not want the color to streak (like a brush might create). I could also use make up sponges, which might be easier than these flimsy 25 cent sponge/sticks.

    I don't want to burn my hands, so the temp can't be too hot to touch, or I won't be able to put pressure on the sponge to get a smooth, deep stroke. If you look at the dress in the Pinterest link above, it is hand-painted dye onto fabric. It happens to be 100% polyester, just like mine. I bought some test fabric (identical to my dress) and some iDye Poly. I want to do a test sometime this month (in my friend's backyard).

    Can you all give me advice and directions on how much water to mix with each packet of iDye Poly, as well as advice on how to make sure I get solid coverage (deep color) since I will need to let the water cool to a non-boiling temperature in order to sponge paint the dress. Any other thoughts / advice! Do I wash the dress after by hand? It's going to be my wedding dress, and I don't think I should machine wash it. I need it to look pristine for the wedding! :)

    Thank you so much!!
  • I am open to using another method. I can use Tee Juice markers, but they are expensive. I can use dye-na-flow maybe, but I don't know much about it.

    I can't immerse! I need to paint the 100% polyester fabric with the colors I want and then I can heat-set with a heat gun! Suggestions?
  • Dye na flow is definitely the way to go on this. You are going to have a very hard time using the poly dye. The only way that would work would be to solvate the dye into acetone. I don't really suggest it. It is nasty working with a bunch of solvents to get the dye to flow at room temp.

    Dye na flow is an acrylic paint that you can paint with in much the same way, but it won't require solvents and you can easily heat set it.