Cotton/poly blend tie dye
  • I have a bunch of 50/50 zipper hoodies to tie dye. I live in an area with not much variety to craft. I bought tulip fabric dye (liquid and powder) to use because that is what was available in the colors I needed. Will this work? What should I do?
  • Well, i think you are going right way. You should use it once and share your experience. As Tulip Fabric Dye is your classically easy solution for one-color dyeing, re-dyeing and dip dyeing!
  • The only thing I will say here is that the Tulip you bought is not fiber reactive, so it will not be as permanent as one that is like Procion dye, which is the dye of choice for professional tie-dyers. It stays bright and beautiful the longest. Neither procion nor tulip will dye the polyester portion of the fabric. That can only be done at a boil with Idye poly. It is not necessary, but keep in mind only 50% of your threads will dye with tulip or procion, and you won't achieve the bright colors you would get on cotton.