Tie-dye with iDye?
  • Someone purchased 6 iDye packets and gave them to me to use on a set of white cotton sheets for them. I have never used these "packets" before. (And there is no way of returning theses for other Jacquard products. They were purchased hours away from where I live.) I use squirt type bottles to do my tie-dye and have no idea if these will work. Has any one else used the packets for tie-dying? What were your results? Any tips you can give me?
  • You can use them for Tie Dye. The best is the immersion method though, where you heat the dye on the stove and then dip parts of the shirt in while the dye is hot. It is fast acting ~15-20 minutes and you are done. You don't have to leave overnight. You could do it in squirt bottles too, but you are not as likely to get very bright colors and some mixed colors like black would be unlikely to turn out very bright.