How to Lighten iDye Natural Sun Yellow
  • Hi, I have several (formerly) white, 100% cotton slipcovers for my Ikea couch that I dyed yellow. I was going for a *much* lighter version of the Sun Yellow, so I took about 3.2 lbs of fabric and used 25-30% of one dye packet (and cup of salt) in my top-load washer. I expected a toned down yellow, but got pretty close to the color on the packet cover. This is potent stuff.

    How would you recommend that I lighten this color? I have looked at the iDye color remover and assumed I would try that, but wondered if it typically behaves as described (i.e., 2-3 lbs of fabric per packet). I am trying to estimate how much to buy and want to at least minimize the trial and error (and water wasting!). Any advice is much appreciated! Also, if you have another suggestion about another approach I would love to hear it.
    thank you!
  • I'm so glad I saw this. I have two packets of iDye Poly Brown. It's much darker than I wanted, but I read that this dye works well for front loading machines, so that's why I got it. They only had 8 colors at Joann's, and this was the closest color to what I really wanted. I have these Ikea chairs with slipcovers that I want to make less white. They are WHITE.. and I'd rather them be more a linen color. I thought I could use half the package, but not I'm seeing now that I'd have very dark brown chairs :) Heather, you saved me lol.

    So my question is, how much brown should I end up using? I'm thinking the same amount of water and salt and just way less powder?
  • Because you are going for a color that is only barely off white, i'd recommend using only 1/4 of one packet of dye - maybe even less as it is much easier to add color than remove it. Best way to go about that is to pre-dissolve the packet and measure out the portion wanted.

  • @luscuschakkour the Poly is not really suitable for the washing machine. You should use only a very small amount of the dye for a linen color. I would say around 1/4 of a teaspoon. You should do it on the stove.
  • Thanks, axpreston! I missed the part of the sentence that talked about the front loading machine. And, thanks for the quantity suggestion.