PearlEX on Flannel "Tapestries"
  • I am making a set of heavy 100% cotton flannel wall hangings, or "tapestries".

    I have been using the PearEx Pigments with PearEx Varnish on other artworks and was wondering about a medium to use on the tapestries. I do not believe the varnish would be a desirous choice. :)

    Any ideas? Or just use a water for a base?

    Thanks for any and all input.
  • Hi there,

    A good choice for mixing with your PearlEx is either the Textile Colorless Extender or the Neopaque Flowable Extender. Both are textile mediums that will ensure the PearlEx remains stable on the fiber.

  • Awesome, and thank you for the advice.
    Just been painting other projects and this is one of the "next" projects in line.
    I think the neopaque-flowable-extender appears to be my choice.
    Thank you again. Sorry I've been a little busy and slow in response.
  • Absolutely not a problem - it nice to know my suggestion is helpful!