Procion MX vs Jacquard Green Label
  • What's the difference? Or is there none? Are they both fiber reactive mx dyes? Confused as many online articles refer to the mx exclusively.
  • Hi,

    Procion Mx is classified as a cold water fiber reactive dye. Jacquard Green Label is classified as a vinyl sulfone dye, also a type of fiber reactive dye which usually need to be steamed in order to assure bonding to the fiber, although our Green Label dye has been modified to allow one to use our Concentrated DyeSet product.
    The other big difference is what folks use them with. Procion MX is used primarily with cellulose fabrics and fibers and the Green Label Silk Colors are used most often with silk.

    Hope this helps and if you have any further questions, don't hesitate.

  • Thanks, Annette … Can I use Jacquard MX side by side in conjunction with Green Label and steam the silk?
  • You can! Check out the instructions for painting/printing with Procion MX for the process for that: MX Instructions.pdf
  • Fantastic, thanks!