using permanent fixative with green label
  • i use green label dyes and fix them with the permanent dyeset, but i find i still have some color discharge even after rinsing. i dry and iron the silk, and if i wash it, there is still a discharge. is tis normal or am i doing something wrong?
  • You should expect some rinse out after the dyeset bath because there is generally going to be excess dye on the fabric.
    However, it's been my experience that if I let them dry for 24 - 72 hours there is less rinse out.

    hope this answers your question.
  • I completely agree with you Annette, I find the longer I can wait before I wash out painted or dyed fabrics, cotton or silk, the more color remains.
  • I am having trouble with overdying when using the dyeset. If I leave any white areas they will be overdyed. Any ideas? I have tried letting it dry for 2 days and ironing with a steam iron before using the dyeset. It seems to help keep some of the color intensity but white areas dont stay white.
  • Hi J,

    What you are experiencing is not uncommon. I've found that if I dip my pieces just long enough to ensure that they are well wetted with the concentrate mix, then lay it flat and alone for about 10 to 15 minutes before I rinse with cool water I've been able to reduce and/or eliminate the backstaining.
    Hope this helps.
  • Thanks, I'll try that. I thought it had to be in the wash for 5 min. I have been reading about brushing the dyeset on too, but it would be much easier to dip it. Thanks.
  • I thought I was using a Tbl spoon for the dyeset - after soaking and rising - I realized it was only a 1/2 Tablespoon. Can I re-set my pieces?
  • Is it possible to spray the fixative on the piece? I used green label to paint a large veil. The reds transferred and the greens washed out almost completely. I let it stand for over a week before I immersed it. I bought a pan that goes under a wash machine so that the veil would have plenty of room. however after I did that I wrapped it in a towel. I think that is when most of the darkest transfer occurred. I can cover the spots with more design, so my question is can I spray just the newest places that I'm painting with Green Label with the dyeset and let it sit for 5-10 minutes that way? Then rinse?
  • You should be able to spray the green label fixative with the permanent dyeset concentrate. Keep in mind that it will not be active if it dries out, so it should be wet for the entire fixing phase.