Mixed results with Airfix
  • Hello,

    I am working with leather, and can not iron or dry the painted items.

    My problem is I have mixed results using the Airfix product. It works with some Lumiere and Textile Colors, but not all of them.

    With Textile Colors it works with White 123 but nothing else. I can also make it work with Halo Violet Gold, Halo Blue Gold, Halo Pink Gold, but nothing else in the Lumiere line..

    I have tried different ratios and different batches.. nothing seems to be working.

    Help Please!

    Many Thanks!
  • Hi Leather,

    ....hummmm....what causes the color to come off? washing, rubbing, flexing? How long are you letting the pieces dry before testing for fastness?
    could you use a hair dryer? would you consider a sealant?
    also, this might be an easier issue to troubleshoot over the phone? You can reach me at 800 442 0455 on Monday.

  • Hello Annette!

    Thank you kindly for getting back to me!!

    I let the product dry for 24 hours before I give it a thorough rub test with a damp cloth.. I want to avoid traditional leather sealants, as I am making masks and want very little chemical involved.

    I thought about a hair dryer after I wrote my post yesterday. How long do you think I should try that for? 5 min?

    I will definitely keep your number on hand! Thank you for that!
  • Hi again,

    Five minutes should do it - letting the paint dry for 24 hours before using the hair dryer will help, too. The paint does begin to bond with time so 24 hours plus the hair dryer might well do the trick.
    Please let me know how it goes,

  • Hi Annette,

    So I made a swatch for heat testing, and I did just about everything except set the darn thing on fire. (including use an iron)

    My conclusions are that Textile and Lumiere colors do not seem to bond with leather hide. That being said, I haven't tested any other leather finishes. Just VegTan.

    What DOES seem to bond are the Neopaques. I added a small amount to my metal Lumiere colors that weren't working before and that seemed to do the trick. I still use the AirFix, although I'm not sure it's necessary as the Neopaques are much more plastic-like on their own.
  • Hi LW,

    I'm perplexed by your results...I'm going to chat with our chemist, see if I can get some insights to what is going on here. So far as I know the Neopaque and Lumiere paints use the same base.
    Can you check some batch numbers for me? Especially on the Lumiere & Textile Colors - they are usually stamped near the UPC code.

  • Absolutely!

    I was rather disappointed as I bought more than a few colors assuming they would work..I seriously appreciate your follow up.

    The reason I say Neopaque are more plastic-like, is when I'm cleaning up, the dry paint peels and flakes more than the Lumiere, which just dissolves with water.

    Like I said I have a ton of colors, so not sure how many you want.
    The colors I used in my first test were:

    Lumiere - 561 Metallic Gold -38097
    Airfix - 40147

    2nd test I added a small amount to the same mixture:

    Neopaque - 590 Ochre -33322

    This was the only way I was able to make any of the metallic colors wash-fast

    Other colors I've tried with Airfix alone:
    Textile - 109 Maroon - 37295 or 32295 (kinda hard to read) this was one of the worst offenders.
    Textile - 110 Violet - 38909 2nd worst offender.
    Textile - 126 Spruce - 39189 or 39139

    Lumiere - 566 Metallic Russet - 35284
    Lumiere - 562 Metallic Olive Green - 34644
    Lumiere - 565 Metallic Bronze - 39182 or 39132
    Lumiere - 569 Pearl Violet - 35287
    Lumiere - 548 Old Brass - 39881 or 39331

    I could go on!
  • Oh, and for the iron swatch test I used only:

    Textile - 109 Maroon - 37295 or 32295
  • Thanks!
    I'll pass these along to the chemist.
  • I realized, as I was looking back over this thread that I've not asked you if there are any sorts of finishes on the leather before you begin painting...oils, etc.
  • Hi LW,

    Had a brief conversation with the chemist this morning - it's going to be a bit for him to pull and test all these batches, however, he did ask if you would be available to call in and talk with him. He is every bit perplex as I am with the results you are getting.

  • Good Morning Annette!

    There are no finishes on the leather prior to painting.

    Yes Please! I'd love to get this sorted out! Should I call the number you gave and ask for you?