You know you _____ when______
  • In honor of the hilarity in the Phoenix Arizona area and it's suburbs over over the rain, the 3.29 inches (measured at Phx Airport which is where they usually measure the weather info) of rain, I am proposing a little fun game of 'you know you_____ when _____."
  • You know you live in Arizona when the rain your entire state has prayed for for the last 20 yrs gets answered with a couple inches of rain and they call for a State Of Emergency. For 3.29 inches of rain.
  • You know you are a crafter when there is more color under your nails than on them.
  • It's apparent you are a parent when you bribe your kid to take a nap so you can, too!
  • You know you are into dyeing when there is more color on you, your work area, your tubs, tables sidewalks, tools and everywhere else than on the actual pieces you were dyeing.
  • You know you are a crafter when you find strange marks every where you go. Paint on a light switch, glue on a doorknob, beads that scraped the wood floors, bleach that bleached everything including the pretty new grout! More clothes with paint and solvents and such than not.
  • YOu are FunnY!