• I have had a lot of fading with the Dy-Na-Flo paint on silk. I have been ironing it but am not sure if I am supposed to sit in one spot for 3 minutes or just stay in one area for 3 minutes. Can I iron 2 layers at a time? I have tried putting it in the dryer and that does not work. There was a ton of fading. It is a little time consuming. Thanks for your help
  • Hi Qirfa,

    Generally we recommend working in a area about twice the width of your iron and staying there for approximately 3 minutes then moving on to the next section with a bit of overlap. Additionally and especially with silk, I've found using a lightweight cotton cloth between the fabric and the iron and setting the temperature at the cotton setting gives me the best results. Also, allowing the piece to dry for 24 to 72 hours before ironing helps.
    I'd not recommend trying to iron two layers of painted fabric at a time.

    hope this helps

  • OK I am finally getting back to this. I had been going back and forth with you on setting Dy-Na-Flo paint and you recommended a product to add to the paint before using it. This was supposed to make it so that I did not have to spend and hour ironing one scarf. I bought this stuff and added it to the paint and my color still faded. What am I still doing wrong?
  • ps thanks for your help.
  • Hi again,

    So, using the AirFix with the Dye-Na-Flow has not reduced the fading during washing?
    Can you detail the process you are using?

  • I lightly wet out the scarf .... then scrunch it up and lay it out on my work table..... then I added the airfix to my small containers of paint.... shook them up ..... took a syringe and sucked up some of the paint and applied itto the scarves ..... then sprinkled some salt for affect and let the scarves dry. the scarves before rinsing have bright lovely color. Then I rinse them out and some of the colors stay bright in small spots and the rest fades quite a bit.
    Thank you. Cari
  • Do you pre-wash the scarves?
  • Yes with synthropol. Cari
  • Well, shoot!
    I'm going to talk with the chemist about this - I don't know why you are losing color, I know lots and lots of folks that are using Dye-Na-Flow with silk and I've not heard of this problem.
    The only thing different, at a glance, is your application method, but again, not sure why that would create a problem.
    Have you done any pieces just brushing the paint on?

  • Okay, another question: How long are letting the pieces dry before rinsing?
    Also, do you have a batch number on any of the paints and on the AirFix - that would be a stamped number near the UPC code.

  • OK I really did respond to this but for some reason my posts are not going through.
    I had a handful of scarves I did not rinse out because I was frustrated that they might loose all their paint like my other ones so I just left them. I decided I would rinse them out before responding back to you. These scarves kept all the color! The first batch I had waited 3-4 days before rinsing which should have been long enough. I am now wondering if it is because I work in my basement which is cooler and slightly damp? Maybe I need to let the scarves sit for more like 6-7 days before rinsing?
    My only other problem is that where the scarves were bunched up and the paint pooled it left a sticky residue on the scarf which I am having to try and scrape off while I am ironing. It does not all come out in the wash. I am guessing I need to use less paint and spread the scarves out more while they dry? Thanks for your help. Cari
  • Hi Cari,

    AhHa! I wondered if the cure time might be affected somehow. I think you are on the right track in assuming the temperature and humidity of your workspace may be affecting the cure time.
    To the question about the excess paint - again, you are on the right track. Once the scarves are dry enough to move without affecting the pattern you are after, but still damp, you might want to lay it out and blot some of the excess paint from the scarf, then hang or lay the scarf flat to finish drying. Using a bit less paint will help, too.

    Let me know how that works. And glad to know the longer cure time seems to be working.

  • I don't see anyone using dye na flow on t-shirts, though directions say that it can be used on all fabrics. Is there a reason that couldn't be done? I'm interested in doing something different with kids than tie dye and love the idea of dye na flow. But before I waste a bunch of paint, I thought someone else might have advice on use on cotton or 50/50 t- shirts. Thanks!
  • Hi Mandybell,

    Dye-Na-Flow is GREAT for using on teeshirts. Here is a wonderful project that kids love: http://jacquardproducts.com/sun-printing.html

    If you have any other questions please don't hesitate.