Procion MX Dyes-Mixing Chart
  • Hello All!

    I'm new to the forum and to dyeing, although I have a lot of experience as a crafter and designer.
    My question: what do the colors on the Procion MX Dye mixing chart really look like? Is there a color chart I could refer to? This question is about the MIXED colors, not the original purchased colors.
    Or: do the colors, such as "Indian Red", "Prussian Blue" or "Teal" correspond to any chart like "Pantone" or a color wheel ?
    I'd appreciate some guidance.

  • Hi,
    Dye colors are affected by the fabric type that they are applied to. For instance Procion MX dyes produce different colors on each fabric type because they are reactive dyes. Some colors such as chocolate MX on cotton, silk or rayon produce very different effects on each fabric type. I wish we did have a pantone type chart but it really is down to your experimentation and keeping a record of your experiments.
  • Yes, it is true that dye colors look different on different fabrics and under different conditions - and on different monitors - but - the mixing chart that Jacquard offers on the web site is a great thing, and would be SO much more useful if there was a color chip associated with each formula - with the caveat that is shows the recipe on this fabric under these conditions on your monitor. Color visuals are offered for the premixed dyes available for purchase, so clearly it is feasible...sorry to sound crabby, but I love that mixing chart and use it all the time, and I constantly lament that the names simply don't give enough information.
  • Thanks. I'll pass on your comments to our webmaster.
  • I had another question about the mixing chart. In many different places it says that you can simply mix all the colors from some combination or another of the standard 11 colors. Yet on the mixing chart there are colors listed that are not part of the set 11, how would I know how to make those? Ex. The first one on the list has brilliant yellow as one of the mixes but brilliant yellow is not one of the standard 11.
  • I am new to dyeing and to the forum and both of these questions are the reason I just joined the forum. Have there been any results in getting a pantone chart to go with the mixing chart and is there a chart for mixing the "other" colors that are not part of the basic 11 that are on the mixing chart? I am still searching but have yet to find either.
    thanks for any replies.
  • Hi folks,

    Our statement that one can mix many different colors from combinations is an invitation to experiment and create one's own color palette.
    The mixing chart that includes colors other than the 11 standard was developed and offered many years ago - there is certainly the good intention on our part to one day create a color chip chart for that chart - hold the faith!

  • While I appreciate the sentiment (I know that experimenting and such can lead to results that are often more of a pain to catalog than just to play with) it is VERY frustrating when you see, as a consumer, statements like that, buy all the parts you think you need, then find out you were lead astray.
    Perhaps relabeling the chart so that others don't come to the same, incorrect, conclusion might be more helpful?
  • Dear K,

    Thank you for that input - I will take it to the PTB.