• In using your paints to marble, I am having problems with the paints fading when they hit the water solution. They become nearly pastel in color. What can I do so that the colors will hold their brightness?

  • Are you using their marbling colors, or another fabric paint?

  • Hi Donna,

    Paula's question is important. If you are using our fabric paints, it's not surprising to get the result you are describing. The pigment concentration is not high enough to do the job. When the paint hits the water solution it disburses in a thin layer over the surface--there's just not enough pigment in there to spread out that far.

    Marbling Colors contain a much higher concentration of pigments to allow for the spreading required in the technique. If you are having trouble with this product please reply to this forum message and we'll do our best to get it sorted out. It's helpful to go into as much detail as possible about your process (ie the recipe for the solution you are using, what colors you are having trouble with--if some give you more trouble than others--or any other detail that might be relevant) as this with help us troubleshoot.

  • Hello,
    I'm looking for a substitute for the larger sizes of marbling colors that have been discontinued. I've heard that Textile, Neopaque and Jacquard Airbush color can all be used. Can you advise me on the differences among these three options and how they will differ from the specific "Marbling" colors? Will the colors be as vivid? Do I need to add anything to them?

  • The Jacquard Marbling Colors (sold only in kit form) are the appropriate consistency for marbling and have the right pigmentation. Jacquard Textile Colors and Lumiere and Neopaque are not the right consistency out of the bottle for marbling. You could experiment with adding water and/or dispersant to the paint to create a more appropriate consistency. The Jacquard Airbrush Colors are closer in consistency, but they weren't developed for marbling so we don't have information on its effectiveness for marbling. Unfortunately, it will require a good bit of experimenting to see if you can replicate the results of the Jacquard Marbling Colors.

  • Hi,
    I'm using the Jacquard Air brush paints. Finding my size (happens with both carrageenan and methyl cellulose) gets extremely dirty with paint so that you can't even tell what colors you'll end up with. Any help or tips on cleaning the size or why this happens? Also, yellow spreads and takes over like a weed straight from the bottle while other colors have inconsistent results???
  • Hi Marina,

    I'm a little confused regarding your dirty size - are you cleaning the size between each marbling? The best way to do that is to use a piece of newsprint the width and length of your pan - lay in atop the the size to remove any remaining inks/paints after each piece. You can also use a stiff piece of cardboard nearly the width and almost the depth of your pan. Insert this at the top end of the pan, NOT touching the bottom, and draw it down through the size to the bottom end of the pan. Excess paint will collect in front of the scraper. At the end of the pan, lift the scraper, catching as much of the paint as possible, and wipe it off on your towel. Repeat as necessary, until the surface is as clean as possible. If some color sinks (and it will) the size is still fine to use, as long as the surface is clean and free of bubbles or lint.
    If it is something other than this, please let me know just what is happening.
    Regarding the different dispersant rates - you'll find this true of any marbling inks/paints. Different colors have different and artist use those differences to create different patterns. If you find you have a paint that won't spread adding a little ox gall will often take care of the problem.

    hope this helps
  • The paint is inconsistent. Sometimes it spreads, sometimes it drops. I clean with newspaper each time. The size is dirty with the paint that has sunk to the bottom.
  • Is the paint inconsistent within a color? That is, does the blue (for instance) sometimes drop and sometimes spread?
    You can always expect some color to drop to/through the size, even good spreaders will sometimes drop through. If you have so much at the bottom of your size that you can no longer make out your intended pattern I'd say it's time for a new batch of size.
  • This was a brand new batch. I got maybe 10 (8x10) sheets of paper. Think it should have lasted longer. I'm wondering if I'm maybe using the wrong paints??
  • And yes, sometimes it spreads, sometimes it drops. Except the yellow, it always spreads.
  • With the different results with the same colors I have to admit I'm a little out of my league here. I recommend you call and speak with one of the folks in house that have more experience with the marbling process than I have. Our customer service number is 800 442 0455.
    I'm sure one of us will be able to help you trouble shoot this issue.

  • I will give them a call. Thank you Annette for all your help and information. It is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  • You are most welcome!
  • FYI, I used it as a reference on a recent paper marbling tutorial I did myself a week or two ago, figured it might be a good resource for some of you out there... http://www.ibookbinding.com/blog/marbled-paper-bookbinding-tutorial-and-photo-gallery/

    Keep up the good work and again, many thanks!
    ~ Paul
  • Very nice!! Thanks for sharing - it'll be in my bookmarks.