iDye Poly - clothes leave black smears
  • Hi all,
    I used iDye Poly on a Polyester garment for action figures. I used the stove top method as instructed, and dyed a bunch of tiny t-shirts from Yellow to Black. They looked great, even after a trip through the washer and dryer as instructed.

    I am having an issue though. The garments are leaving black stains or smears on everything they have any type of friction with. I noticed black smears on white parts of an action figure. I figured they were just still wet or needed another trip through the washer. Tried it, but it did not help.

    I have washed and dried the tees around 6 times. Cold water. Slow agitation, Heavy agitation, soap, no soap. Nothing seems to get rid of the smearing.

    I can rub the shirts on a napkin, and the napkin will be tinted black.

    Anyone know what I can do to stop this bleeding/smearing issue?
  • Hey JoJoe,

    Thanks for writing in - this is a wild one! What you are experiencing is, I believe, what is called crocking - usually cause by excess dye not rinsed out of the fabric. I would normally think that after 6 washes you would have rid the fabrics of excess dye, but I'm thinking you might want to do a hot water wash with synthrapol or another good dyers detergent.
    Also, just to clarify - the smearing is happening when the fabric is dry, yes?
    I'm also going to run this one past the chemist on Monday...


  • Thank you, and yes, the fabric dry when this is happening.
  • Thanks for the clarification. You might want to try the hot water wash and I will talk to the chemist on Monday.

  • Ran it through the hot wash and dry. Same thing. I have to order the Synthrapol. Hopefully that will help. I also tried handwashing it, really wringing the garments. The water would run clear, but it still leaves the smudges (which DO NOT come off the figures).

    I noticed that if I add any kind of hand soap or dish soap, that the dye does make the water dark. Gets clear, but if I add more soap, it gets dark again. Repeated that process 10+ times. Soap, soak, rinse with heavy wringing. Still leaving the smudges.
  • whew! well you are certainly giving it your best shot! Let me talk to the chemist on Monday, perhaps he will have a suggestion.

  • Look forward to your response, thank you!
  • Hi JoJoe,

    Ack! I forgot that the offices are closed until the 2nd...our staff is all off on a well deserved holiday so I'll have to wait till they are all back to get some further info regarding this peculiar problem.

  • ok, thank you
  • Tried Synthrapol, Hot water...Still leaving the Action figure Arms Black.
  • Jojoe,

    Gerrr,arrrrgh! Okay, the chemist is back in the office tomorrow and I will talk to him then. I am perplexed....

  • Hi Jojoe,

    Spoke with the chemist this morning. He suggested that I ask if the fabric you are using is treated with a fire retardant?

  • I'm not too sure if it was treated with anything. I wonder if a longer bath in Synthrapol would help. Just need advice, don't want any more figures to mess up, haha.
  • Hi again,

    You could try the longer bath, might also want to try boiling the pieces in clear water after you've rinsed and washed the first time around...