Metallic Resists - how stiff? and Pearlex question
  • Hi - I'm in pursuit of shiny, but being really picky about it.

    I'd like to try the Jacquard metallic resists, but am afraid they'd be too stiff on the fabric. I have a real thing about wanting the hand of fabric not to change with what I paint on it. Dye-Na-Flow and the Textile Traditionals are fine, but I find Neopaque and Lumiere too stiff. I have been able to get some nice subtle effects by mixing just a little of the Lumiere metallics of pearls with the Dye-Na-Flow. I realize that in order to be opaque, the pigments and particles of reflective stuff have to adhere to the binder, but I just hate that feel. Especially since I want to use it on silk, and keep it soft and drapable.

    So how would the body of the metallic resists compare, once the fabric is washed? Would there be any point to using them, as opposed to just using the Lumiere for a resist, as some other forum members have done?

    Also, I bought a jar of the PearlEx in hopes that I could mix it with the fabric paints - I'm trying for an iridescent effect. I tried mixing it in the paint, and also applying over the top of wet paint. No luck - it washed out both times. Is there any way to use the Pearlex on fabric, without actually putting the laquer coat over it? - it would need to be washable or dry cleanable.

    Thanks - L
  • Hi,

    Luimere is not actually designed to be a resist and the resit works better at resisting the fabric dyes or paints. The hand will be about the same as the lumiere.

    You could add the the pearl-ex to the the colorless extender #100 in the textile color range that may help the pigments adhere better.

  • Hi Lunargent,

    Do I understand correctly that you have not yet tried the waterbased Permanent Metallic Resist? In my opinion it really doesn't leave much of a hand at all and will be more effective as a resist than Lumiere.
    I just did a little test here on a scrap of silk satin and I think the Metallic Resist definitely has a softer hand than the Lumiere.
    For general painting you can thin Lumiere with water (up to %25), that may give an effect you like with a softer hand. Also try Celia's tip about adding Pearl Ex to the Textile Colorless Extender (which you can also thin with water if desired)

  • Thanks - Ack, gotto go spend MORE money!;)

    Since I tried the Lumiere Pearl paints, I might not need to try the Pearl Ex, since it does give me a nice effect; might try some tho, if I can find it locally.
    Any suggestions on where to find the Metallic Resist? Haven't seen it anywhere.

    Thanks - L
  • Hi L :),

    Have you tried the Store Locator? If you don't find a store close to you there are mail order and on-line shops, many have no ordering minimums.

    So I'm getting really interested now (with all these back and forths) about what you're working on. I hope you post some pictures when you're done!

  • HI - I picked up some of the Resist in Red Gold at Guiry's (local art supply store here in Denver) - didn't see it on my previous trip there. They have a fair selection of your dyes and stuff, but none of the sales staff there seem to care - I guess textiles aren't "arty" enough for them, or something. Also found some things at Meininger.

    The resist does have a nice soft hand - though it does have a bit of a plastic feel, but it's acrylic based, after all - wish they'd had the black in stock, too. Also picked up some of the Textile Traditionals Extender - will know better after I've played with it some more if I like it.

    Started to answer your other question, but it got too long - will post separately.

    Thanks! - L