Color Magnet and silk scarves?
  • I just discovered the Color Magnet product, and would like to get a kit to play with. I see that the instructions say to put the dye in the washing machine - if you would like to use it on something that should be hand washed like a scarf, can you just mix that same dye in a tub?

    Sorry for the newbie question - thanks!
  • Hi TS,

    Thanks for writing in. This is a good question.
    The dye used with the Color Magnet Kit is a direct dye so we suggest the washing machine method simply for ease of use. Dyeing in a tub is a perfectly fine alternative. You will want to use hot water for best results.
    Also, if you are dyeing a single scarf you will most likely want to start with just a small portion of the dye. If it were me, I'd predissolve the dye in about a quart of very hot water and use just a 1/2 cup of that liquid to start out with. If you wanted additional depth of shade you can over dye. Keep in mind the contrast between the Color Magnet treated area and untreated area will be greater with less dye used and because you are dyeing silk which loves to take dye I would definitely recommend starting on the 'light' side.

    hope this helps
  • Thanks so much!
  • I absolutely love this product but I've only used in on cotton. I'd love to dye silk scarves but wonder if the process would be the same as far as the soda ash and the wash out.
  • Hi Lynda,

    You can certainly use the Color Magnet on silk. You have options as far as the type of dye you can use with the silk. Procion MX is an option and this link will take you to the instructions for using Procion MX with protein fibers. MX Instructions.pdf.
    You can also use Acid Dyes with silk. Both are very appropriate dyes for silk.
    The thing to keep in mind is that silk is going to need very little dye to create the contrast Color Magnet.

    If you have any other questions don't hesitate.