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  • Hi Syndee and thanks,
    This looks like great fun.
  • Wew! I had to remember my username/password - for some reason it was messing with me!

    What is your favorite way to use Pearl Ex on clay?
  • Hello,
    I am still kinda new to polymer clay. I like to use the pearl ex on everything and any thing I can get away with. I love the shine.
  • Maybe someone can help answer this for me. I finally splurged and bought the pearl ex to use on polymer clay! I put some on before I baked it. But when it was done baking, the pearl ex would rub off when I touched it. Not good for the beads I was making. This is my first time using the pearl ex. Am I doing something wrong?
  • You need to put a finish on the exposed pearl ex.

    * future floor wax (cheapest way)
    * an acrylic based polyurathane (min wax has one)
    * before baking or after make a THIN sheet of premo bleached transluscent
    * use KATO liquid medium to make a nice matte sheen that is ready to wear right from the oven!
    * mix with kato liquid medium first and use as a "paint" - my personal fav.

    As a side note - don't be impatient and start touching your pearlex until the piece is cooled.
    Good luck -
  • morning. I'm doing the same thing with pearl x and clay beads. One thing i've discovered is to let the piece cool completely. Some of the colors you can buff a little bit. I worked with the interference violet the other day and was surprised by how much i could buff the piece. Then I applied Fimo Decorating Gel and rebaked them. This worked ok, but the gel is really much to thick. It tends to move the pigment around alot, and is a real pain to put on.

    im going to try the Pearl-ex varnish, if i can find it. what i would really like is a nice bright gloss finish.
  • Hi, I noted that you put Varathane on the pieces. I have a couple of questions. I am very new to using mica powders on unbaked clay. I have mixed them into small amounts of varnish in the past with success.

    I made some beautiful molded earrings and used mica powder like Pearl Ex on the unbaked parts to bring out the details. When I went to varnish them, using a small soft brush, some of the powder came off of the higher areas as I put on the clear varnish. The black clay showed through, leaving them dull. It was very disappointing.

    I did not have the Pearl Ex varnish, just a regular poly clay varnish.

    Maybe the clay was not soft enough when I molded it? Maybe I did not use a heavy enough coating of the powder before baking?

    Here are my questions.

    1. Did you use a brush to apply the varathane to the baked pieces?
    2. Did any of the pearl ex powder come off when you brushed on the varnish?

    Any suggestions for future use of pearl ex and varnish?

    Thanks so much for any directions and or tips you can offer.

    Penni Jo
  • Hi Penni_Jo

    You can mix the Pearl Ex directly into the varnish (or any other clear medium), creating your own transparent paint for use on baked clay.

  • Yes, you can mix Pearl Ex into varnish. For heavy coverage, I put a drop or two of varnish on a tile and add a bit of powder to it. I have discovered that it is best to make only what you need for a project. I've not had much luck storing small amounts of premixed pearl colors.

    I hope this helps. We are having a ball making pretty, irridescent projects.

    Penni Jo
  • So sorry, My dyslexia kicked in, I thought you were asking if the powders could be mixed into the varnish!!

    My reply should have been, Thank you very much.

    My humblest apologies.

    Penni Jo.
  • No worries!:)

    Glad to hear you're having fun with the product! How about posting some of your pretty irridescent goodies in the 'Show off' section?

  • Thanks, I appreciate your patience.

    'Had not thought about posting some pics of my pearl ex pretties. Will try to do that. We just finished both the CHA Show in Anaheim and the NAMTA (National Art Materials Trade Association) Show in Chicago.

    As soon as everything settles down, I will post some more things.

    A year ago last January, a salesman in the Pearl Ex Booth at the CHA show in Vegas gave me the first little samples of the powders. Boy, did he light up my world!! The Garden Goddess tuna can was just the beginning.

    I saw the Pearl Ex booth at the NAMTA Show and stopped by to thank them again for the samples.

    Having fun in Oklahoma,
    Penni Jo
  • Hi Noelle,

    It has been quite awhile since I posted the pictures of the Garden Goddess tuna box. I have a .jpg of a pair of earrings that I would love to post but I can't seem to remember how I did it the last time.

    Can you please tell me how to post the earring picture in the Show Off section?

    Thanks so much.
    Penni Jo
  • Boy did I find this forum late, huh? I came here today to see if the two materials could be mixed prior to baking. Not. What happens is the color of the Pearlex remains, but the irridescence disappears.
    I have also been looking for Pearl foil, mentioned in a polymer clay book, and that Stampendous was recommended. They must have stopped making it. I was going to try the 'recipe' to make rose opals. It sure is pretty in the book!
    I am baking some beads right now that I layered with clay, liquid sculpey, then the Pearlex, about ten layers, then sliced. Mokume gane. We shall see.
  • I was wondering if you can use the KATO liquid medium AFTER the polymer clay and pearl ex have been baked together? Sort of as a sealer?
  • Has anyone figured out how to seal pearl ex and sculpey? I baked my sculpey with the pearl ex dusted on it and it's rubbing off on my hands. I figure it needs to be sealed but am not sure which is the best sealer for polymer clay?