bubble jet?
  • :confused: Hi! I am new at this question thing but have been quilting off & on for about 50 years, I was told by some one that we need to use something called Bubble Jet to soak the material in before printing on it. Is the cotton sheets from you already treated or do i have to do it? I purchased the 10 pack because i didn't know if i could do it correctly and didn't want to waste any. I was 4 when my Grandmother taught me how to quilt and never heard of Bubble Jet before. I am not a real good quilter just average and do it for family and friends only. I also need to know if i need to iron this cotton after printing on it. I am trying to make a pic quilt for a friend.
    Thanks for the info ahead of time. :o
    caution quilter
  • Hello Caution Quilter,

    Our Cotton Inkjet Sheets are pre-treated---you don't need to do anything to them before running them through your printer--just make sure you are using an 'ink jet' printer.
    Here are a couple of other things to remember. Our inkjet sheets are designed for gentle hand washing only--they will not withstand machine washing. For best wash ability, print image, peel off paper and allow the ink to dry. Then heat set with a dry iron on cotton setting. Wash gently by hand to remove excess ink then let it dry and iron it again. Now it's ready to sew into your project.

    Hoping your project turns out beautifully.

    Would you post some images when you are done?

  • Thank You so very much. I will post some images if they turn out good,LOL LOL I will be doing my very first pic quilt tho, this is a good way to get experience, as i am going to make one for my GrandDaughter also with each year of her school years and she is in the 9th grade as of now so i have a few more years to go yet.for her...
    THANK YOU again for the infor,it took me sometime to find your answer as i didn't know where to go to find it. GOD bless ya all happy quilting to ya all.:cool:
    caution quilter
  • HI again forgot sumpin. how do i post the images on here to ya all?
  • I'm sure your projects will turn out great and your Grandaughter will have a quilt she can treasure always.

    As for posting images---we have a section in the Forum called "show off"

    This is where you would post images. It should be a pretty straightforward process, but if you have any problems write back and I'll try my best to help (not that I'm a brilliant computer girl--I DO have access to our brilliant webmaster!)