Trying to dye linen/rayon fabric grey. Used the Idye silver grey dye. However it came out too light
  • I did not add salt to the pot, but it did simmer for 1 hr. I still have another packet of dye I can use. Will the garment get much darker if I use a another packet and add salt? Maybe let it simmer for 2 hrs? I have about 3.5 lbs of fabric I am dyeing. Will the amount of water used dramatically change the dyeing capabilities? Should the fabric be wet or dry when I put it in? I would think dry fabric would absorb more dye. I was also fighting air pockets in the fabric while it was simmering. This made it hard to keep the fabric submerged.

    Thanks for any help.
  • Hi Mike,

    The salt does help - so adding it will assist in the uptake of the dye. If you are worried about going too dark you might want to use half the packet of dye (predissolve in a couple of cups of hot water and use half that). Letting it simmer for longer may help, but after about an hour you'll probably get what you are going to get.
    The amount of water can affect the final results so using just the amount necessary to allow for free movement of the fabric is best. Wetting the fabric before immersing helps with the even uptake of dye - dry fabric may result in uneven dyeing.
    As for the air pockets - I've yet to come up with a solution for that - nearly constant stirring is the best way to ensure that all the fabric is getting even exposure to the dye.

    hope this helps,
  • I have some rita black dye, should I add some of this to the silver? (to make it darker)
  • I'm not familiar with rita dye, but generally speaking if the dye is designated for use with the fiber type you are dyeing I think it would be okay.
    However, if this is a fabric you are pinning a particular project on you might want to check with the makers of the rita dye.