Steaming Question
  • Hi,

    I have recently started using Dye-na-flow on silk. The instructions say that ironing will be enough to set the dye, but can I still steam the fabric? Will steaming yeild brighter colors than ironing? Is it ok to mix dye-na-flow with green label jaquard dyes and then steam the fabric, or is it better to use only one type of dye on a project?
  • Hi Ellie,

    Steaming will not help Dye-Na-Flow which is a paint, not a dye (the name can lead to confusion--it is paint that flows like a dye). It is the dry heat from your iron that melts the binder in the paint to fuse to the fibers in your cloth. Green Label Silk Colors are dyes that can be set either with Dyeset Concentrate or by steaming. Do not mix the Dye-na-Flow and the Green label colors together! You can use both products on the same piece of cloth if you want to. Just be sure to use the Green Label Colors first and set them appropriately by using Dyeset Concentrate or by steaming. Then you can paint on the dyed fabric with Dye-Na-Flow and set the paint (be sure to let it dry completely first) with a hot dry iron.

    I always recommend experimenting--especially when you are trying things for the first time--before you work on a piece of fabric that is very expensive or that you care very much about. You need to give yourself a chance to explore!

    Good luck!
  • Thank you!! :)