dye-na-flow onesies question
  • Hi,
    I have a couple of questions about using Dye-na-flow on cotton onesies for babies.
    I am doing a onesie decorating activity at my baby shower, and mostly people will just be painting/dripping the dye onto the cotton onesies.

    What should I put between the layers of fabric to stop the dye from bleeding through to the back?
    Can I heat set the onesies by tossing them all in my dryer afterwards? or should I be ironing each one individually?

    Many thanks!
  • Hi Lisa,

    What a great activity!
    Probably the easiest thing to put between the layers of the garment would be butcher paper or even several layers of newspaper. The butcher paper has a 'waterproof' side so would ensure no seep through.
    As for heat setting - it is best to iron each one, but if you want to eliminate that step you could add AirFix to the paint that will be used that day. With the addition of that product heat setting is not necessary.
    Here is a link to that page: http://jacquardproducts.com/airfix.html

    hope this helps!
  • thanks Annette. Ive done a practice with one of the onesies. I found that the dye-na-flow needs to be watered down somewhat to soak into the fabric. What ratio of dye:water would you recommend for cotton?
  • Humm, the Dye-Na-Flow should easily penetrate the fabric. Have you pre-washed the onesies? If not, it may be the sizing or other finish on the garment that is interfering with penetration of the paints.
    You can certainly water the paint with water, but keep the ratio under 20% water in order to maintain the integrity of the paint's ability to fix with the fabric.

  • Hi Annette, thanks for the advice.
    I did prewash the onesies, only on a quick cycle since i was really keen to test out the project. I tried watering at about a 50% ratio, and got better penetration, but slightly weaker colour. I havent tried setting or rinsing this test version yet. Now I'm a bit worried that the dye wont fix. should i iron it for longer?
  • You can try ironing for longer, however there may still be wash out if the fixative portion of the paint is too diluted.
    Using the AirFix in the more diluted paint will help this problem - dilute first then add the AirFix per the instructions.

  • Hi Annette,
    Thanks for all the great advice!
    I dont think I can get Airfix in Australia and I could order from the US, but it won't get here in time for the party this weekend! I'll try diluting less, and ironing for longer. I might also try chucking my tester in the dryer for a bit before rinsing and see what happens.
  • Hi Annette,
    The baby shower was a great success and my friends painted some hysterical onesies! I'm ready to start the post-production process.

    I ironed my test onesie for about 45sec on high in each position (front and back) then tossed it into the dryer on high for about 5mins. I just handwashed it in tepid water, with a little soap detergent and then rinsed it. Some of the colour washed out in the soapy water... is that normal?

    Im a bit worried about machine washing these onesies with other clothes and getting dye bleeding across. any advice is appreciated, as always =)
  • Lisa,

    One other option that might be available in Australia is Versatex Fixer (from our screen ink line)- same sort of product as the AirFix and it is comparable with the Dye-Na-Flow.
    Another thing to do is to allow the paint to dry for 24 hours before heat