Would water-based resists work on rayon?
  • It appears from my previous question that T-shirt fabric is just too
    open-weave to hold the Dye Na Flow back after applying resist. That makes sense to me. I know that the resist technique is usually used on silk, but I paint children's clothing, so silk isn't practical. I wondered if the resist would hold Dye Na Flow back if I used it on rayon? I've seen lots of rayons that have had batik done to them. Would water- based resist work too? Again, thanks so much.
  • Hi,
    It isn't the fabric type that cause the blead it is the weave. So long as the Rayon in a close weave and the fabric is not too thick it should work. As I mentioned in my last message you could thicken the DNF a little bit with No-Folw which should prevent bleading.
  • Hi Toni,
    Here's another thought for you. Have you considered using the Textile and/or Neopaque paints? Either of them may be thinned up to 25% with plain water to aid in blending and getting more water color effects. You can control the viscosity of the paints this way. Without knowing what effect you are trying to achieve it's just a suggestion.

    Good luck,