acid dyeing tie dye on nylon dilemma
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    I have a bunch of nylon banners and a bunch of acid dyes---but am a a loss as to how I can tie-dye with the two. Any answers? do I mix up concentrated liquid forms of the acid dyes? do I use vinegar to soak the nylon? how do i steam set? can I put the banners in the microwave to activate the dye or will that melt the nylon? ack. I am desperate and in need of succor.
    thanks for any ideas. be well
  • Hi,

    To use the acid dyes with the nylon the dye will need to be used hot. You can either Tie the bundle and follow the stovetop method for saturation dyeing. If you wish to paint or squrt the dye onto the fabric you will have to steam the fabric after the dye has dried. Below are the instructions for both of those methods.


    Steaming requires more time, but the color yield is very intense. There are commercial steamers available or smaller pieces can be steamed at home with the following method. You will need a large pot with a rack that fits inside, white newsprint, masking tape, and aluminum foil.

    Roll the fabric in newsprint, making sure there is a layer of paper between each roll of fabric. The paper should extend a few inches beyond the fabric on either end of the roll.
    When all the fabric has been rolled, wrap newsprint around the bundle a few extra times. Secure the roll by taping length of roll. Coil gently to a size that will fit into the pot. Tape securely.
    Place rack into the pot. Pour water to a level that is well below the bottom of the rack. Make sure top of rack is dry and place bundle on the rack.
    Shape a piece of aluminum foil into a dome and place it over the bundle for protection. This will keep condensation from dripping on the silk. Make sure neither the packet nor the foil touches the sides of the pot.
    Cover the pot with the lid. Place the pot on the stove and bring water to a boil. Reduce the heat but keep it high enough to produce steam. Steam the packet for 1 hour. Allow packet to cool. Unwrap the silk and rinse in cool water to remove excess dye. Lay flat to dry and you're done.

    Stove Top Immersion Dyeing with Jacquard Acid Dyes

    Fill a stainless steel or enamel pot with just enough hot or warm water for the fabric to swim freely, turn on the heat.
    Add the dye powder to the pot and stir. Normally, in this procedure you would add 2 to 4% of the dry weight of the fabric in dye powder. For example, if you are dyeing 1 pound of fabric, use 1/3 to 2/3 of an ounce of dye.
    Add the fabric that has been thoroughly wetted to the dyepot.
    Raise the temperature to 185 to 200 degrees, just below boiling. Stir frequently.
    Add ¼ cup of vinegar per pound of fabric. Try not to pour directly onto the fabric.
    Maintain temperature and stir frequently for ½ hour. Wash in Synthrapol and warm water.

  • bless your heart! thank you more than you know.