painting on nylon chiffon, 100% poly knit, and silk
  • :)Hi!, For a dance outfit, I have to paint on nylon chiffon, 100% poly knit, and silk. All white to begin with. I will be using airbursh, and hand painting techniques. I will be using Dye Na Flow, Silk Dyes, Lumeniere, and resists. (and salt)
    The poly skirt- I plan to airbrush and hand paint with the skirt both wet and dry for effects. I also plan to use salt.
    For the nylon chiffon skirts and huge drape- I am planning to paint wet for effects also using salt on some portions. May use resist as well.
    For the silk- 72"X36" "dyeable white" scarf, I am planning to use resist, wet on wet, salt, and crumple and gather for effects.
    Oh yes, I have the setting liquid to use instead of steam for the silk dyes.

    So, are there any tips and tricks I should know about for these fabrics and techniques? I have my degree in art but it has been a long, long time since I painted on fabrics, and never a project this demanding. So anything you could tell me to help be avoid mistakes would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you, Lovelypainteddancer

    ADD ON: I bought permanent dyeset concentrate for silk and wool. What is the difference between that and the airfix. (just read a post about airfix.) Did I make a mistake in ordering this product???:confused: (Permanent dyeset concentrate) I didn't see Airfix and the ordering websites I ordered from. I ordered the really big bottle too! I hope I did the right thing for what I need to do. Can I use what I bought on the nylon chiffon and the silk??? Again, thank you for your rescue of an answer!!!!:)
  • Hi,
    Dye-na-Flow is a heat set paint. The dyeset is for Green label silk dyes and won't work with dye-na-flow, lumiere or any of our acrylics. The best way to set DNF is to iron the fabric as instructed on the bottle or use a dryer heat is the key. You can also add some of our airfix to the paint to help it set. Do a test first to check the permanency of the paint on the fabric.