2 very different questions
  • 1) I tried using the irridecent blue in boiled sugar, for a sugar sculpture and it ended up making my sugar very opaque (when it should be almost clear, except for the color) and it crystalized my sugar very quickly.

    2) can this be applied to a spray type paint, while it is still wet and produce the irridecent finish to it.
  • Hi:)

    I'm confused as to which product you were using. Was it Pearl Ex? If so, the answer to question 2 is yes, it can be applied that way but it may be difficult to get it on the surface evenly. You can mix the Pearl Ex with a clear medium and brush it on or spray on using an airbrush (you'll have to test a bit with the airbrush because different colors have different particle sizes and may require a larger nozzles).
    As for part 1: the Pearl Ex powders don't actually dissolve--I'm thinking that's why the color turned out opaque. You could try mixing the powders into egg whites and brushing it on after you've created your sugar sculpture, that may give the effect your looking for.

    If your not using Pearl Ex...ignore everything I've written, post a reply and I'll take another stab at it;)