primer for fabric
  • hi I'm new on fabric painting so I'm kind of lost.
    I paint with oil on canvas and you know there's a primer for that
    I gess it's the same with clothing painting, that you need a primer so the paint does't spread, I bought jacquard paintings and they sprad,I think it's because of the primer.
    do you know how to preapare the fabric before painting it ?
    is antifusant the same thing ?
    and what's the best brand and kind of primer to paint on cotton ,lycra, silk etc ?

  • Hi Maria,

    What kind of Jacquard paint are you using?

  • I bought Jacquard textile color

    for natural or synthetic fabrics
  • Hi Maria,

    A primer isn't typically needed when using our Textile Paint. It is designed to go on smooth and hold a nice line.
    What kind of fabric were you painting on when it 'spread'.
    Was the paint thoroughly mixed in the jar?
    Did you thin it with water or did you use it straight from the bottle?

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    Post again if you need more help.