steaming question
  • when I steam my dyed wool, do I need to wrap it with film, or can it just be placed directly above the boiling water and the pot covered by a lid?
    thank you
  • Hi,
    Please tell me more is this painted fabric or yarn or is it vat dyed wool? If you are steaming any fabric that requires rolling in order to get it into the steamer you need to roll/wrap the fabric in paper or clean cotton to prevent bleading of the colors onto areas where you don't want it to go. I wouldn't recomend wraping the fabric in film but I am not entirely sure I undersatnd what you are doing.
    Thanks Celia
  • Hi

    I am dyeing some yarn with various colours, and i understand i need to steam the yarn to set the colours?
    Do i need to wrap the whole yarn with a cloth before i put in the steamer to prevent the colours bleeding?
  • Hi,
    Yes wrap the yarn in either thing cotton or in paper before steaming.