Water Based "resist" doesn't - resist, that is
  • Hi - I have the Jacquard silk painting kit, and was playing around with the water-based resist and the gutta, which I also ordered. It wasn't on silk, but on cotton muslin, since it's .99 a yard, so I use it for my experiments. I was trying out the resist of the 2 products, plus a few other things.

    The gutta performed really well, with no show through on the back. So did plain white glue. But there was a lot of bleed-through with the Water-based - it ended up tinting the fabric a lighter color than the rest of the dye I painted on!

    Is the problem that it's not mixed well enough? It is darker at the bottom than the top. I've tried shaking it and turning the bottle upside down, but it's still not well blended - do I need to stir it?

    Or is the muslin too open a weave? Or...?

    I actually had better luck with the school gue, though it's really a pain getting it to wash out again! I also don't want to use the gutta because of 1- price; 2 - fumes and 3 - need to dry clean to remove. But it did work well. I had similar results with rubber cement - but REALLY don't know how to get that out of fabric!

    Please advise - thanks!
  • Hi,

    Don't worry about the separation of the water based resist that will not affect its performance and is due to the materials that it is manufactured from.

    The water based will unfortunately not be as effective at penetrating through heavier fabric as the gutta is. However, on silk up to a 14mm weight the water based works very well.

    You can make a resist from corn flour paste (cornflower & warm water) as well if you wish to try that but on cotton; due to the weave and weight of the fabric, you will probably find the gutta works best.