• Well, I see that no one has posted for this forum, so hopefully I'll get some feedback...
    I'm a do-it-for-fun tie-dyer, and I made something I really love but I really messed up with some of the color, so I'm hoping someone can give me advice about removal.
    I used the procion mx dye on linen. I sewed a basting stich to make a design, and that part turned out really well. The problem is that sometimes when I dye something that I don't want to be too bright I paint over the outside with black so that it's kind of stained-glass looking. I did that on this, and it looks pretty bad. I'd like to use the remover & just start over since I know the design will work, but I'm not sure how much dye will actually come out. It's pretty vivid, with the design in bright red, and the rest of the piece is blues, greens & purples, but all of it with the black on the fold lines.
    any advice? should I just be happy with what I've got, or is it possible to start over?
    I'll attack a picture so you might get an idea if it'll work
    thanks for any help...
    Angela :)
  • Hi,
    My appologies for not replying to your question sooner. I am having a few teething problems with the new forum layout. If you are unhappy with the dye results we have a color remover. The remover should remove most or all of the Procion MX dye from the fabric.