exterior door, jacquard powder
  • I have to paint an exterior (front) door and would like to use Jacquard interference powders. What would be the best way to incorporate this medium? Mix it into the exterior paint? Add it to a varnish? Which varnish would be most compatible with both the powder and the exterior situation?

    I am looking for pearly, not metallic, effect which would change in different lighting. How much should I use? Which type of powder combination would be best?

  • Hi Parsnips,

    Start with a varnish (or other clear finish) suitable for exterior use---your paint store should be able to recommend the best product.

    From there you will have to do some experimenting to achieve your desired results. A couple of thoughts off the top of my head: try starting with a base coat of the varnish then add a layer that is thinned down with the Pearl Ex added to it--I think thinning the varnish will allow you to use LESS Pearl Ex (thus saving you some $$$) Try one of the interference colors. They have that wonderful quality of dissappearing in some light situations and flashing with brilliant color at other times. Or add a couple of thin layers using different colors, perhaps with a layer of thicker varnish in between.
    As far as amount of Pearl Ex--I guess I would start with a 3gram jar of Pearl Ex in a pint (thinned) and go from there.

    Good luck!
    And post some pictures!


    Remember. These are just ideas I have that I have not tried myself