• I am so frustrated. I'm trying to open a shop of block printed children's shirts and not having any good results with inks. I tried speedball block printing inks, which worked great but washed out. Then I tried Jacquard Screen Printing Ink. The black works decently alright, but on my darker shirts I want to use white and metallics, and these just too tacky. The little"peaks" on the roller show up on the stencil and then the shirt. It looks awful. I've tried using a foam roller, I've tried use a rubber brayer, I've tried using less paint, more paint, watered down paint. (I also tried speedball textile ink with the same results)

    Any advice to a noob?
  • Have you tried using one of the less viscous paints like Lumiere or Neopaque? These might just be the answer to your problem.

  • No I havent tried those. I want to avoid buying any more ink for now. I know these can work because they came recommended not to mention that this is what they are made to do... it's just frustrating not knowing the trick :/
  • I think the issue is the viscosity. You might want to do some test with a slightly thinned Screen Ink. You can use water to thin the Jacquard Screen Inks.
    I'd love to hear how your testing works out.

  • I tried that, but then it got into all my cuts and ruined the details. I'll try playing around with it some more and see what happens. thanks for your help
  • you are most welcome - maybe less water? just a drop or two per 1/4 cup of ink?
  • dandelion- if youre still checking these forums, let me know whether you want me to check with a master blockprinter in India as to what inks he uses ?