Pearl Ex and Air Drying Clay?
  • I was wondering if it would work to mix pearl ex with air drying clay (and or dusting it before it dries)?
  • Hello Cy,

    I would try dusting the air dry clay with the Pearl Ex--rub it in quite well.
    I think mixing it in would use up more Pearl Ex than you need to.

    This is an educated guess, though, so test it out first to see how you like it.

  • Thanks Noelle, I will give it a try and let you know.
    Have a great weekend.

  • Hi I'm Pam and I just joined.
    I have used Pearl Ex with Aves, self drying, white, Apoxie Sculpt and LOVED the affect!! But I do have questions.
    This is how I used it: Using a regular paint brush, I dipped the brush into water and blotted excess off. Then, I dipped the tip of the brush into the PE and painted it onto my finished product while it was still a little damp. However, over time, picking up the piece has caused the PE to "fad" away.

    Questions: 1. Should I be mixing the PE with something other than water? If so, what? (I don't want to change the color or look that I am getting now) 2. Or, should I paint or spray something on the piece when it is finished? If so, What? If so, should it be applied to the work at the same time the PE is or after everything is completely dry?

  • Hi Pam,

    The PearlEx does either need to be applied with a binder or sealed with some sort of clear medium after application.
    I imagine you will be able to most closely acheive your current effect with a spray varnish applied after your sculpting medium has completely dried.
    I'd give it a trial run before trying it on your final piece just to be sure.

    Have fun!
  • I'll order some of the Pearl Ex Varnish. I can't find it locally.
  • Hey did you try it? How did it work?
  • No, Cy, I have been out of town and did not get it ordered yet. I bought my Pearl Ex at our local Hobby Lobby, but they did not have the Varnish. I'm going to try to get by there this week and see if they have it now. If not, I'll have to order.