Large tye dye project
  • Can anyone suggest what dye would be best for the following project?
    100 kids (4th - 6th grade)
    tye dyeing with spray bottles

    What dye would work best on 100% cotton shirts?
    What dye would work best on 50/50 shirts?
    Which would work best with spray bottles?
    Are all dyes washable off hands?
    Do you have to pre soak with soda ash regardless of which dye you use?
    After wrapping in plastic overnight, do you rinse with warm water, wash and dry, regardless of which dye you use?
    Thanks so much for helping me!
    Cindy in AZ
  • Hi Cindy,

    For 100% cotton shirts use Procion MX dyes. You will still get some results on the poly blend shirts--the cotton fibres will take the dye and the poly fibres won't, the colors just won't be as brilliant as the 100% cotton shirts.
    Procion will be great in spray bottles. You must use soda ash. And yes, wash and dry as you describe.
    The procion dye will NOT wash off easily. It will wear off after a couple of days or if you wash with a product called 'Reduran'. You will find info on this page
    I recommend getting rubber gloves for all the kids. Here is the link to Dharma Trading's website to order them

    Have fun Brave Woman!