Dying cotton poly blends
  • Help!!! I'm trying to dye a sweater that is 56% cotton 37%poly 7% sandex. It's original color is black and dark green, striped. I want it to be solid black. And tips suggestions???

  • Hi Kissis,

    The one, or rather two dyes that I know will work with cotton & polyester are our iDye for natural fibers and iDye Poly. Because of the polyester content you will want to use the stove top method for dyeing the piece and there is some possibility that the spandex will be somewhat affected by the heat necessary to achieve a really nice black. However, I have had reports from folks that have used that method with garments with spandex and they have reported perfect results.
    Here is the link to the iDye page, I recommend you take a look at the instructions for both the iDye for natural fibers and the iDye Poly. http://jacquardproducts.com/idye.html
  • Thanks so much!! Do you think heating it at a lower temp would help prevent spandex damage? Also, I bought the idye poly which I will use first then if the cotton needs to be dyed I have dylon fabric dye for natural fibers. Do you think the mix of two different dye brands will be ok?
  • Dyeing at a lower temp would probably help to prevent and possible damage to the spandex, but you may not get a good, dark black.
    As for dyeing with two different brands, so long as you dye in two separate steps there should be no problem with that.