Does IDye for Natural Fabrics stain a washing machine?
  • I have been looking to dye two couch slipcovers and I love the Ecru iDye for natural fabrics. We rent our home though and I don't want to chance staining a washing machine that isn't ours. I know that Rit clearly states that it will stain plastic, fiber glass, or worn ceramic tubs but I can't find anything on this website about staining. Any experience or advice would be helpful:)
  • Hi Grime,

    We've had no reports of the iDye for natural fibers staining washing machines.
    We do recommend running a clear rinse after a dye job. I personally have experienced the need to wipe down the tub of my top loader because there was a ring of dye which had attached to a previously unseen ring of soap scum in the tub. (Yuck!) Some people will run the rinse cycle with either bleach or laundry detergent, but in general unless the machine is quite old with lots of wear on the plastic or ceramic portions you shouldn't see any staining.

  • Thank you for the response:) the washing machine is only 2 years old and shows no signs of wear so I'm excited to try this product! I tried rit because it was in the store but it was terrible and I've heard that idye is comes out even and is truer to package color.
  • I think you'll find the results very satisfactory! Check the inside of the package for full instructions - and generally speaking the hotter the water and longer the dye cycle the better your results will be.