can I tie dye this?
  • Hello,

    I am wondering if it is possible to tie-dye nylon tulle? (I need both pastel and darker colors.) If it is possible, which product(s) should I use and how should I do it?

    Thanks for any help.

  • Hi,

    Nylon can be dyed with acid dye. Here is a link to the page. There are instruction for stove top dyeing on this page.

  • Thanks for the link but all I can find about this is stove top or washing machine directions - not tie dye.

    Would I just follow the regular tie dye instructions but use the acid dye?

    I am sorry to be such a pain.

    Thanks so much.

  • You can do old-fashioned single-color tie-dyeing by tying your fabric and dropping it into a simmering dyebath. After rinsing it out, retie and drop into another color of dyebath. That is the original form of tie-dye.

    For tie-dyeing multiple colors in a single step, try presoaking your fabric in white vinegar diluted with water, then apply acid dye mixed up as in the "Flowable Painting" instruction. (The "Flowable Painting" tab pops up at the top after you click on "How To" on the left, while looking at the info on acid dyes.) Apply the acid dyes as in the regular tie-dye instructions, let them dry, untie them, then steam to set: wrap the fabric in layers of blank or old newsprint, roll the bundle up small enough to fit into a large cooking pot, then steam to set. You can find steam-setting instructions somewhere on the site. There are enough variables in all of this that you'd better try a test before doing a large, expensive, or time-critical project.

    Alternatively, see my pages on How to Tie Dye with Kool-Aid (the food coloring in Kool-Aid is an acid dye) and the more laborious answer to How can I tie-dye with all-purpose dye? (all-purpose dye includes an acid dye); those instructions can be adapted to use with the superior dyes that are labeled as acid dye.