Tie Dye Pattern
  • Hi there,

    I am completely stumped on a pattern that a friend has asked me to do. Its kind of like your typical spider pattern but is less looking like a spider and more like a circle of stripes. Help! I have a photo but no clue how to post it!
  • Hi Holly,

    We would need to see a photo before we could help out. However, have you taken a look at our videos for the different tie dye patterns - http://vimeo.com/album/2385134
    maybe there is something there that can help?

  • Hi Annette,

    Thanks for the response! Yes, I have seen the videos. None of them are the pattern I am trying to achieve... :( Is there anywhere to send a photo? I am desperate! I have scoured YouTube and the internet! Thanks! :)
  • You could send a photo to service@jacquardproducts.com. I'll let them know to expect the image and have them forward it to me - I can't figure out how to post an image here to the forum either!
  • Thanks! Sending it now!
  • okay, I should have it by tomorrow:)
  • Haven't heard from the folks in the office - I'll send them a note about it (ah, the wonders of technology...)
  • Ooookay. I put "Attn: Annette re: Tye Dye Pattern"
  • Welllllllll. Unless you get it in the next two hours nevermind. Gotta dye tonight to be able to print tomorrow.

  • Bummer! I did contact the office and they said they hadn't received anything from you...So sorry we weren't able to help, but good luck!!!