Dyeing Cotton blend pants with leather
  • I have a pair of new riding breeches that are white and I want to make them bright blue. The bulk of the pants are 94% Cotton and 6% Lycra. The inner portion of the leg up to the portion of the back that you sit on are very pale grey. I know the leather will take the dye different from the fabric and that is OK.

    I bought one package of iDye and one package of iDye Poly. I know I should add salt since these are mostly cotton. I plan to dye them in a large plastic tub. Is there a process from fixing the dye after the dying process?

    Thank you.
  • Any other tip or suggestion would be appreciated. I haven't dyed anything in years.
  • Hi there,

    You may be better served by using the Procion MX dyes. While this will not dye the lycra portion of the fabric that shouldn't be a problem as most times with this sort of fabric the lycra is actually wrapped by the cotton threads and won't be evident to the eye. Procion MX is a 'cold water' dye (a classification of dye types - it actually dyes best at warm temperatures) so will be easier on the leather portion of the garment, but with the iDye and iDye Poly you'd want to use a hot dye bath (nearly boiling to boiling) and that may damage the leather and possibly the lycra as well.
    Fixing the Procion MX is achieved with the use of soda ash.
    Here is the link to the Procion MX page: http://jacquardproducts.com/procion-mx.html

    hope this helps!