Water Based Gutta & Dyeing
  • Hello
    I have this doubt about water based gutta - can i use it on cotton, to resist some parts and then dye the fabric in a cold dye solution? Or will the water based gutta dissolve while i am dyeing?


  • Hi there,

    The water based resist will possibly dissolve while dyeing, however, if you paint the dye (I'm thinking Procion MX) onto the fabric and batch set it you should be fine. You could presoak the fabric with the soda ash, allow it to dry and then apply the resist. The dry soda ash will also act to slow the flow of the dye rather like an antifusant.
    There might also be an issue with any gutta or gutta like resist penetrating completely through a thicker cotton fabric. That would be worth testing as well.

    hope this helps
  • Hello Annette
    Thanks for your help
    That's what i thought....i was supposed to buy the batik cold wax, but then i changed to the water based gutta (dont know why) . And only after i realized that the wax would have been a better choice, because i want to dye the fabric and not painting it.
    But I could try what you said, it might work

    Thanks again
  • most welcome, happy dyeing!