Pearl Ex and Neopaque Extender
  • I like to mix Neopaque or Lumiere type paints using your Extender and Pearl Ex pigments. Years ago, your kind chemist gave me the proportions to use, but I can't find those notes. Can you tell me again? THANKS!!
  • Most colors you can mix with ~ 10% by weight pearl ex into the neopaque extender. You may need a little more of less for coverage depending on the pearl, but that is the generic formula.

    That is about 6 grams, or half a tablespoon
  • So for a 2.25 oz bottle of the extender, half a tablespoon of Pearl Ex? (And thanks!)
  • And should I use the laquer product to seal the paint, even if I'm painting on leather, which will bend after painting and sealing?
  • Neopaque doesn't absolutely need a sealer. You can use our pera l ex varnish or another flexible acrylic varnish if you like, but Neopaque self-cures meaning it heat sets itself chemically, so that it is very tough. Another varnish can be used for protection, or you can seal with an additional layer of just the clear extender which is very tough.