Overdying blue to green
  • I would love some advice on overdying a cotton duvet cover.

    It is a 3lb cotton cover, which I have already dyed turquoise using 2 packets of iDye Turquoise # 418 in a very hot wash. Its colour was a light greeny yellow, and I was expecting it to go green, but it came out a strong turquoise (as far as I can tell, as the packet intended).

    I would like a green like the bedspread here (in picture 7): http://www.marthastewart.com/1110588/awash-color#1107373

    Is using yellow the next step? If so, which yellow would be best and how much should I use?

  • Yes this looks like a slightly greener teal. that is good because i think you can get there with just yellow. I would use 1/2 a packet of the sun yellow. That should get you really close if not dead on.
  • Great thanks for your help!