Blotchy color?
  • Hi. Not sure who to ask since I'm new on this sight. I have a few questions on using the Indigo Blue Dye Kit. When I have dyed a tee shirt, the "blues" are kinda "blotchy" on the shirt. Is this common? Or is there something I am doing wrong? Does the water need to be distilled or can it be tap water? Do I need to wash the item first before dyeing it? I've dyed 5 shirts and they all show some signs of blotchy. Thanks for any advise!
  • I had this experience a few days ago and all i did wad to redye it but make sure to wash the fabric prior and keep it damp than just put it in the dye and keep stiring it every 2 ninuets. And once u are done rinse it when water is clear than wash in soapy water. Once u are fone with washing dont hand te t shirt hust lay it flat so the dye doesnt run to the bottom. Hope this technique will work
  • It is defintely better if the fabric is wet before you dye. It absorbs the color much better this way and the dye "strikes" it evenly. you can also dip, let the color change, and then dip again to make the dye more even. indigo gets more even the more time you dip it.

    Thanks Aman for the good advice!