painterly effect on cotton muslin
  • I'm trying to figure out the best way to achieve a sumi effect on bleached cotton. Something like this:$pdp-detail-shot$

    I am using 100% bleached cotton muslin. I had planned to use the textile paints.

    1. Is textile paint the best application?
    2. if not textile paint, what?
    3. Do I need no-flow for the effect in the picture above?
    4. Using your best experience with the paint, would you use water or colorless extender, and as a guess, what ratio?

    I realize that no one can give me absolutes, I'm just looking for best advice before I begin experimenting.
  • Textile would probably be the best. These are very light, so I would say mixing with the extender to get that color would be the best idea.

    Your other option is using dye-na-flo. You could get a similar effect to your photo using that and no-flow. That would keep the dye-na-flow from spreading as much and would lighten it slightly.

    Really though, I think thinning by with the textil extender is the best. You can use as much as you want to achieve the light color you want. It has binder in it, so you will not be harming the ability of the paint to stick. You can add water to reduce viscosity if you want as well. I advise no more than 10%. You should have good results.
  • That was a REALLY helpful answer, thank you. Im going to go with the textile paint, with colorless extender. I understand I can only use 25% colorless extender(opacity) and to that I might want to add 10% or less water (viscosity).

    With the paint, would I still need No Flow?

    Can anyone estimate for me how much coverage you get from No Flow? How much No Flow would I need for 1 yard? Or how much coverage would you get from 8oz.
  • You do not need the no flow for the textile paint. It is really for painting with things that are the consistency of water and bleed. Inks and dyes.

    Textile paint, is a normal bodied paint that will stay where you put it. No problem, no need for no-flow
  • I just want to thank you and let Jacquard know that your presence here, answering these questions, has a direct correlation to my purchase of their products. Other brands should use this as a case study. I'll report back on how it works!!!
  • We are artists too. That's why we make all this stuff! So, we know that there are so many options and ways to do things. Still choosing the right tool is very important, so we do our best. No matter how many questions we answer, our customers can still stump us, we just do our best. Thanks!