Tie Dye question with Dye-na-flow
  • I am new on this, and try to organize a Tie Dye party for kids. Most Tie Dye kit require 8-24 hrs setting time, so the kids wouldn't be able to see the result right after party. I don't expect the dye result to be professional and perfect since it just fun for kids. After see the Dye-na-Flow technique, that is perfect for this party since the setting time is less than an hour, right? I plan to use it to tie dye 100% cotton t-shirt and 100% silk scarf, here comes some questions:

    1. Should I prewash the cotton and silk and dry it?
    2. Does Dye-na-flow work good on 100% Cotton T-shirts?
    3. what means dilute with water up to 25%? Is that mean 4 cup dye with 1 cup water?
    4. Shoud I use rubberband to tie or plasticband to tie? I think rubberband for cotton and plasticband for silk, right?
    5. For silk scarf, is that fine to use iron to dry without steam?

    Anything else should I pay attention to? If you have detail procedure I could follow, that would be great. Thanks
  • To dye 15 kid T-shirts and 15 9x45 silk scarf, how many Day-na-flow should I buy? Thanks
  • Hi Liyan,

    Dye-Na-Flow is a great choice for a kid's party. Here are the answers to your questions:

    1. Prewashing fabrics is always a good idea. It removes any grease or finishes from the fabrics. You can dry the fabric or not. If you leave the fabric damp it is easier to fold and tie and the colors will 'wick' (move through the fibres) more, making the different colors blend together. Dry fabric can be more challenging to tie, but still workable. You may get more 'hard' lines from your colors when working on dry fabric.
    2. Dye-na-Flow is actually a paint, not a dye, and works fantastic on both cotton and silk. It can also be used to paint many synthetic fabrics.
    3.Diluting up to 25% would be simply adding water to the Dye-na-flow. That would be adding 1/4 cup of water to 1 cup of Dye-na-flow. This will thin the color a bit and make the paint go a little further.
    4. Rubber bands are fine.
    5. When using Dye-na-flow you only set it with a dry iron set at the highest temperature the fabric will take. Be sure to let the paint dry before heat setting.

    As far as quantity is concerned--Dye-na-flow comes in 8oz containers. You could get one of those in each color you want to use, thin it slightly in separate application bottles. Kids do have a tendency to use a lot of paint so keep that in mind

    Have fun!
  • Noelle,
    Thanks for quick response. It really help.
    For question 5, you mentioned that let the paint dry before heat setting. I am more concern about the paint dry now. So if I tie dye the prewashed wet shirt, how long it will take paint to dry? I am worried that it would take too long to paint dry on a wet shirt, the silk would not take that long, right? Also should I untie the shirt for paint dry or keep it tied?

    I read the Collage Batik T-Shirt project from your website, the instruction say working on one side of the shirt at a time, should I follow that or that is special case? I would prefer do it as regular tie dye.

    On the FAQ section, it states "You can use Jacquard Airfix to set our acrylic textile paints (Dye-Na-Flow,Textile Colors, Lumiere, & Neopaque). Add 1 tsp. per quart and let cure for 24 hours. The Airfix and paint mixture is good for six hours so add it to the paint right before you are going to use it. Use in a well ventilated area.", so if I mix Airfix and Dye-Na-Flow to tie dye t-shirt, then should I do anything after apply the dye? Can I untie the shirt and leave it for dye?