Dye-Na-Flow to color wool roving?
  • I want to hand paint some small pieces of wool roving for use in jewelry and want to be able to spontaneously add color if I need to. I wondered if Dye-Na-Flow can used on wool roving? If so, would it make the wool stiff?

    Since these are 3d projects, I don't think I will be able heat set with an iron, Would diluted Airfix work if applied as second coating and can it be used on wool?
  • Hi Ruby,

    Dye-Na-Flow will add a bit of hand to the wool roving, but it will be minimal so you might want to do a bit of testing to see if it is within the parameters of your need for softness.
    As for setting the paint, it sounds like it is unlikely that the pieces will ever be washed in a machine so it may not be necessary to worry about setting the paints at all. After about 72 hours the paints will be sufficiently set to withstand minor wetting. If you wish to take the extra precaution then adding the Airfix to the paint before painting the wool is the way to go. Once the paint is dry the Airfix will not be helpful.

  • This is great. I'd love not to have to set these, so this is very encouraging.
    Thanks so much for your thoughtful reply.
  • My pleasure!