Problems Ombre Dyeing Chiffon
  • My daughter and I are doing test strips of Ombre dyeing in preparation to dye enough chiffon for a formal dress. We have used the iDye Poly dye, we have brought it to a rolling boil and have followed the technique of slowly dipping less and less of the fabric in the dye mix on the stove for 30 minutes. The problem that we are having is that the fabric is developing lines on it, even though we are keeping the fabric constantly moving up and down. There is definitely an obmre effect, but there are lines of dye forming, no matter how much we keep the material moving. Any ideas on how to stop this??
  • The poly is very sticky and is attracted to the fabric a lot. I think the best way to deal with this is to just dilute the dye more. Add more water and use a less concentrated dye. It should not attach so quickly or darkly in this case. You might also try decreasing the heat slightly if diluting is not enough.