Never done it before help
  • I'm having a party for eight 8 year olds where we're going to tie dye white t shirts. I've watched the demo video for the spiral pattern and would like to try that. I have 2 kits which say up to 5 t-shirts. The bottles of dye look small - will there be enough? And am I being completely over ambitious?! Thanks
  • Dear Perfectly Ambitious,

    Tie dyeing is a great activity for your party of 8 year olds. There will be plenty of dye in the two packages that you have, you will probably have leftovers.
    A couple of hints that might make it go more smoothly: If you are going to have the kids do the tying make that one of the earliest activities of the day. Then they can run off to something else while the shirts are soaking in the soda ash. (You could presoak the shirts, but then you'd want the kids in gloves while they are doing the tying and that can be difficult for children) After the shirts have soaked for about 20 minutes then they can come back and apply the dye.
    Layers of newpaper make a good surface to dye on. Once the dye is on the shirt and the shirts are all bagged up the activity is done for the day. We have a 'post party instructions' sheet here: packs/kits/tie-dye/funky/Procion_Post Party Instrux.pdf - parents seem to appreciate the info.
    hope all this helps

    happy party
  • Thank you very much, very helpful.
  • You are most welcome!
  • We had an excellent party, with fab results. I exchanged my two smaller kits for one large one, which just about did 10 kids t-shirts. I think it would have gone further with adults but the children are quite liberal with the dye. We did it outside with bin bags covering the table. I soaked the t shirts in the soda ash first and that was fine. The children all had a sleepover so I got up early this morning and rinsed, washed and ironed them so they could take them home all finished. The girls were really pleased with their new t-shirts, would like to post a pic. Thanks very much.
  • So glad to hear of your success! It's so nice the kids got to go home with their shirts!