Silk dyes ( green & red label ) vs acid dyes stock ratios
  • Hello, I'm trying to figure out what the equivalent rations are of the green and red label silk dyes compared to the Acid Dyes dye stock solution. I know the green and red labels are concentrated but would like to know if they can be somewhat matched. Example: I use a 1:100 ration for my acid dye dye stock. So if I use 5g of dye power to 500ml of water what would that equal with the silk green label and the silk red label?
  • Hi Joeyune,

    Unfortunately we don't have the equivalency ratios for you. The best I can tell you it to do some testing.

  • Yeah, that's the answer I was hoping not to hear.

    The good thing is I have used the Red label on wool using the microwave as my heat source with really good result.

    Guess i'm gonna have to play mad scientist. Thank you for the response.
  • Most welcome! Wish I had the info...though I will say that the Red Label is a higher concentration than the Green Label, just for you info.
  • I have Green Label Silk dyes- 1000ml bottles- should these be diluted?
  • The Green Label Silk dyes can be diluted, however, we manufacture them for use at full strength to get the deepest shade of color. If you are after lighter shades, by all means, dilute away.