Color magnet is hard to wash off stencils, any tips?
  • I've used both the pen and paste and find it hard to get off my stencils. Even if I soak the stencils before the CM has dried on them, in warm water with dish detergent, getting the gummy residue off is tricky. Would alcohol, acetone, limonene oil based cleaner, oxalic acid or any other sort of cleaner make it easier? Hotter water? Rubbing my stencils while wearing latex gloves in water with detergent has worked the best but is time consuming. I love the effects on fabric but not the cleanup on stencils, brushes, sponges, stamps, etc. Even getting off my fingers if I forgot to put on gloves first takes scrubbing.
  • I understand the issue. The thickener is supposed to be resistant to water. It plumps up in water. You are supposed to soak longer if that is an option, but rubbing iwth a rough sponge is teh fastest way to do it.