Painting Tee shirts
  • Is there another way to make Dye-na-Flow fabric paint permanent on cotton -poly tee shirts without ironing it? I'm afraid to iron over the Elmer's glue I am using because I'm pretty sure that is to wash out when laundered in hot water as part of the project. Should I add vinegar instead of water? Help! Craft challenged!
  • Hi Chris,

    Thanks for writing in. You can use our Air Fix product with the Dye-Na-Flow. Air Fix allows paints to air cure/fix without the use of heat. You add a bit to the paint, apply to fabric, dry and then let rest for at least 72 hours before washing. The link for that product is here:
    Just a quick aside regarding vinegar & Dye-Na-Flow; because Dye-Na-Flow is a paint (rather than a dye) the only thing the vinegar would do is make your paint smell like pickles:)

    hope this helps
  • Oh! Thanks! Told you I was craft challenged.
  • You bet! The wonderful thing is that folks who call themselves 'craft challenged' often come up with the most amazing results because of their experimentations - though occasionally only 'pickles'!