Poly Cotton ripstop
  • I have a light tan one piece jumpsuit that I want to dye. I have tried many dyes and colors on scraps and finally found purple looks good. I tried to dye the whole suit purple last night. I boiled about 3 gallons of water, in a smaller pot of boiling water I added two packs of Idye poly violet. I then combined everything in a 5 gallon bucket. I stirred it continuously for 20 minutes then occasionally for 40. I washed it out with cold water and to my surprise it was a light gray purple instead of the rich purple my sample piece was. Do I need more dye? I weighed the suit it is 3 lbs so I figured 2 packs should be good, but was 3 gallons to much of a dilution? Do I need to find a large metal pot and keep it boiling? The water was still very very hot and steaming through the 20 minute stir phase. If I wanted a little darker purple should I add blue to the mix?

    Any suggestions would be great!
  • Hi there,

    Because polyester is a difficult fiber to dye without a sustained temperature of 200 - 212 degrees Fahrenheit my suggestion is to find that large metal pot (stainless steel or enamel are the recommended) and maintain temperature for the recommended time.
    And just a little plug for your local thrift shop - they are usually the best place to find retired canning pots which work great for dyeing.

    hope this helps